About Me

Hello, I'm Oliver, an experienced software developer who finds joy in crafting elegant and impactful software solutions. I have a deep appreciation for the science and art of computation.

My journey in software development has been driven by a genuine enthusiasm for creating well-architected, visually appealing software. I'm particularly drawn to the challenge of not only building software that works seamlessly for its users but also contributes positively to people's lives and the health of our planet.

My technical toolkit includes skills such as Kotlin, Java, TypeScript, React, Node, SQL, AWS, and Terraform.

One of the things I enjoy most is discussing technology trends and ideas with others. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to engage in a conversation!

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My Interests

  • The Environment
    • Carbon Footprinting
    • Green Tech
    • Clean Energy
  • Computer Graphics
    • 3D Modelling
    • Rendering
    • Computer Aided Design
    • 3D Printing
    • Games
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security


Full-Time Parenting – Present

I made the important decision to take a full-time parenting career break to focus on raising and nurturing my family. Throughout this period, I dedicated myself to providing a loving and supportive environment for my children's growth and development.

Flux Systems Ltd

Senior Software Engineer – 

Flux is a Digital receipts platform which links bank and merchant data for the purposes of offers, analytics, and reduced emissions. It's a low latency, high throughput platform that integrates with multiple banks and retailers with rapid delivery of results to end-users.

  • Brought to market new low-latency merchant analytics and insights dashboards using React, ktor and DBT to build a data pipeline. This garnered interest from major high-street retailers.
  • Led the development of a successful new highly-flexible and extensible realtime cashback-offer system, which is now used by more than 20 currently active retailers of various sizes.
  • Drove adoption for technologies that enable better discovery and maintenance of internal systems using SourceGraph and Backstage/Roadie. This improved developer onboarding, knowledge transfer and discovery.
  • Completely retooled the infrastructure code base to better facilitate developer independence from the platform team. This facilitated much faster turn around time for new features, and saves many hours per day.
  • Integration with third parties including banks and retailers using widely varying specs/contracts, including OpenBanking and other proprietary APIs.
  • Maintain and upgrade existing kotlin, ktor and dropwizard codebase.
  • Mentorship of junior developers.
  • FCA, GDPR, ISO-27001, eIDAS/PSD2 Compliance.


Senior Software Engineer – 

Working on a high-performance delivery-options & shipping REST API which caters to several high profile and high volume retailers, across many carriers. Planning and consideration of architecture that supports zero-downtime deployments and large throughput with a fast response.

  • Designed and created a service to aide in zone skipping and shipping calculation, saving customers money and reducing shipping carbon footprints.
  • Migrating a one-service-per-instance half-in ansible infrastructure to a containerised, fully code-provisioned (IaC) ECS cluster. This helped support developers to deploy their own changes with only limited support from the dedicated platform team.
  • Serverless and Asynchronous API design and architecture, high redundancy and fault tolerance using Hysterix Circuit breakers and load balancing to provide >99.99% uptime and <100ms response times.
  • Highly diverse polyglot tech stack composed of Groovy, Go, Java (Springboot), JavaScript, and Python.


Software Engineer III – 

Developed critical parts of a scalable journal submission & peer-review platform. Piecemeal replacement of WebLogic monolith.

  • Led the engineering of a search engine component to help journal editors find appropriate reviewers
  • Piecemeal replacement of Oracle/WebLogic monolith with Java SE/SpringBoot microservices on AWS
  • Created new front-end components written in Angularjs, Angular 2, JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Drove the adoption of TDD as a core principle.
  • Trained new software developers who'd joined as part of the graduate programme.

EASA Software

Software Engineer – 

Liaising and collaborating with other developers, creating software specifications, reporting progress and estimating time scales, in addition to code and unit tests.

  • Java Database Integration using Hibernate (Microsoft SQL, HSSQL, MySQL).
  • Rewriting and refactoring large parts of a legacy codebase.
  • Participation in frequent software architecture/design meetings.
  • Strong communication with QA to address key issues as they arise.

NobleTech Consulting

Frontend Developer – 

Development of a new interactive knowledge-base, maintenance and end-of life for an industry-focused careers portal

  • Maintenance and upgrades to a recruitment website written in PHP, as well as the specification for its replacement.
  • Development of dynamic, responsive frontends to multiple applications.
  • Use of XPath for automated website scraping.
  • Database Integration with C# using Linq.


Oxford Brookes University

BSc 1st Class HonoursComputer Science – 


  • Kotlin ktor, Kodein, dropwizard, kotest
  • Java Java, JVM, JDK, J2EE, JRE, Spring, Dropwizard
  • AWS DynamoDB, S3, SES, IAM, Route53, EC2, Lambda, ELB, ALB, Cloudfront, SQS, SNS
  • Databases DynamoDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DBT
  • Web Development HTML5, CSS, React, Angular
  • Node.js nestjs, Typescript, AWS Lambdas
  • Python jupyter, pandas

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